4 Reasons to Set an Exercise Rhythm for 2021

Lots of people will set exercise goals as a new year begins, and these goals can be good and useful. Goals can motivate and keep you going when you have discouraging moments or want to quit. But vastly more important than exercise goals is an exercise plan. Someone who has goals but no plan will […]

5 Consequences Leaders Face for Not Resting

A trick many employ in a job interview when asked, “What is your biggest weakness?” is to give a weakness that many don’t view as a weakness, such as “I am so driven that sometimes I fail to stop working” or “I own my responsibilities so much that sometimes I can’t let go.” The person […]

3 Ways Leaders Can Maintain an Exercise Routine (And Why They Should)

I have not always exercised as I should. During my doctoral work and writing my first book, I packed on extra pounds as I didn’t exercise and ate a ton of carbs to keep writing late into the night. I felt sluggish, less engaged mentally, and more stressed. The Lord convicted me that I was […]