Armchair Quarterback and Armchair Leaders

My little brother lived in Chicago for a few years, and Kaye and I loved to visit and still enjoy trips to Chicago. We went there for my 40th birthday, just the two of us. It is a great city, and a great sport’s town with deeply committed fans. But Chicago fans can notoriously be […]

3 Common Blind Spots in Leaders

One of my mentors, Brad Waggoner, has regularly quipped, “Most people struggle with self-awareness, so why would I think I am somehow different from everyone else?” He is right. Everyone struggles with self-awareness to a degree, and we are foolish if we think we are immune. Our lack of self-awareness in life and leadership is […]

6 Important Reminders for Leaders from Proverbs

The Bible is not a self-help book given to us to help us become better people, better leaders, or better at whatever it is we attempt. If it is about leadership, it is about God’s rule and reign and His relentless pursuit of people. At the same time, the Bible is incredibly practical and offers […]

5 Favorite Leadership Quotes and Why

Leaders often use pithy quotes in leadership talks, staff meetings, or when framing strategic direction. The reason we are attracted to quotes is because they capture, in a succinct way, something we believe to be true and important. Below are five I have used many times. None of them are from current writers or thinkers. […]

6 Problems with Obsessing over Data

Data can be a leader’s friend as it is wise for leaders to leverage data in their decision-making. While it is foolish for leaders to ignore data, it is equally unhealthy for leaders to obsess over it. Here are six problems with obsessing over data: 1. You can find your worth in the numbers. There […]

The Incomplete Counsel of “Keep Your Hands Off of Money and Women”

When I first went into a leadership role in church ministry, several wise, older men gave me words of caution like “Keep your hands off of money and women, son” or “Be careful with women and money.” They were not being sexist as if women were bad, nor were they advocating poverty as if money […]

Leaders: Bring the Good Stress, Not the Bad Stress

“Working for him is stressful.” “Her leadership stresses me out. You have likely heard those statements before, and they are almost always uttered in disdain about a leader who is putting too much pressure on people, setting unrealistic goals, or holding people to expectations that are deemed to be too high. But great leaders put […]

3 Reasons Leaders Must Seek Accountability

Leaders can be tempted to isolate themselves, to pull themselves away from the burden of leadership and from people who can be the source of pain, disappointment, and criticism. But the moments we are tempted to run from accountability are the moments we must run toward it. The moments we feel we do not need […]

100 Points in a Game and a Leader’s Willingness to Look Foolish

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain’s NY Knicks beat the Philadelphia Warriors 169-147 in a professional basketball game, and Wilt himself scored 100 points. The closest anyone has come to that unbelievable feat is Kobe Bryant, who scored 81 points in 2006. One of the fascinating subplots in the storied 100-point game is that Chamberlain […]

4 Types of People Leaders Must Not Listen To

Wise leaders listen to wise people. Because the people we listen to impact our decisions, our attitudes, and our perceptions, it is critical that we listen to the right people. A leader who listens to the wrong people is just as foolish as a leader who doesn’t listen at all. Here are four types of […]