A Greek Class that Left Me in Awe of God as Father

J. I. Packer wrote that the heart of the New Testament is the glorious news that God has adopted us as children through Christ. He stated: “You sum up the whole of New Testament religion if you describe it as the knowledge of God as one’s Holy Father. If you want to judge how well […]

Olympics, Leadership, and a Better Identity

A recurring struggle in my life is finding my identity in something other than Jesus – which is always something less than Jesus. I think being a leader who loves the role and the people can exacerbate the struggle with misplaced identity. Of course, we are to love our roles and the people we serve, […]

How Leadership Is Impacted by God Existing Outside of Time

“Are we going to stop the plans we had in place?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because God is eternal. Let me explain …” That was a conversation that played out several times during the pandemic. God is eternal and this weighty theological belief practically impacts leadership. God has always been and will forever be. Moses declared: […]

Lessons From an Epic Treasure Hunt That Ended in 2020

This book, Chasing the Thrill, tells the story of an amazing treasure hunt that ended last year, in 2020. Ten years earlier an art dealer named Forrest Fenn hid a treasure in the Rocky Mountains and placed a map and a poem in a book he wrote and self-published. The poem and map contained clues […]

Our Dog Roscoe, John Stott, and the Hound of Heaven

John Stott had a massive impact on the church I am honored to pastor. He was Kenton’s, our pastor emeritus, mentor—even staying at his house several times when he visited. Our doctrinal positions have been very much influenced by Stott. In his classic work Why I Am a Christian, Stott wrote: Why I am a […]

3 Ways We Parents Wrongly Teach Kids to Earn God’s Approval

As parents we hate to see our kids live with the burden of trying to gain approval. Or worrying if they are going to be accepted by their looks, their dress, their performance. Or struggling with the pain of wondering if others will love and accept them. As Christian parents we know we have a […]

Distinguishing Between Overwhelmed and Overworked and Why It Matters

2020 was, according to many and for many, a year of being completely overwhelmed. According to research by Gallup, 2020 marked a year of a twenty-year low in mental health for Americans. While people longed for the calendar to flip, the beginning of 2021 did not offer the relief people hoped for. We are still […]

Where Is Your Thanksgiving Spirit? (13 Reasons to Recapture Gratitude)

In the Book of Galatians, we find the apostle Paul was astonished and unsure of what to do with the Christians who lived in Galatia. At one point, they were overwhelmed with God’s love expressed toward them, but they drifted from grace and were attempting to earn God’s approval by their good works. God’s people […]

God’s Will for You in 2020: Be Thankful

One of the most common questions Christians ask in our modern culture is “What is God’s will for me?” “What career? What city? What car?” “What is His will for me so I will be the happiest I can be?” When we scan the totality of human history, we realize that those types of questions […]