4 Signals of Insecurity on Your Team (and in You)

Insecure leaders are never as effective as they could be. Insecurity crushes leadership development, stifles honest conversations, creates a lack of clarity, and fosters a no-risk culture. The good news for Christians is that we don’t have to live in insecurity. Christ has already secured us. We are His sons and daughters, adopted into His […]

4 Painful Results of Insecure Leadership

Insecurity must not be confused with humility. Insecurity, like pride, is a focus on your self. Humility comes when you have a proper view of yourself in light of the Lord who is holy and above all. Humility comes from understanding that we are not God but we are loved by Him. When leaders lead […]

4 Ways Hurting People Help People

A popular cliché, and one I have used, is “hurting people hurt people.” It is often true. People who are in deep pain can lash out at others. People who struggle with insecurity can pull others down in an attempt to elevate themselves. People filled with bitterness over how they were mistreated can bitterly mistreat […]

3 Things the “World’s Greatest Leader” Knows About Leadership

Taken by Arturo Pardavila III

Fortune magazine recently named Theo Epstein the greatest leader in the world. Epstein is the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs and is known as the architect behind their first World Series championship in over 100 years. He performed the same way for the Boston Red Sox before taking the assignment in Chicago. […]

5 Ways to Lead in Ministry When Your Leader Is Not Leading

To be clear upfront, this post is not prompted by my context or personal experience as I am honored to serve under great leaders. However, I am commonly asked questions around the theme of “Help, my leader is not really leading.” Examples include: How can I design a discipleship process when my leader does not […]

The NBA Championship and How the Mighty Fall

In his business book, How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins chronicles what causes great companies to crumble. The first stage is hubris. The dictionary defines hubris as excessive pride. When the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors last night to win their first NBA championship behind monster performances from LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, […]

5 Thoughts on Leaders and Insecurity

I recently preached a sermon on the struggle and destruction of pride. Afterwards a man in the church joked with me that he “never, ever, ever struggles with pride because humility is something he has personally mastered.” Clearly our struggle with pride is real and consistent. In the same way, leaders often wrestle with insecurity […]

Three Temptations Leaders Must Fight Daily

John Owen strongly challenged: “Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.” Overcoming temptation is active, not passive. Defeating sin requires grace-driven effort. D.A. Carson said, “Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness.” With that in mind, here are three temptations leaders must fight against daily: 1. The temptation to speak […]

Five Necessary Character Traits for Handling Criticism Well

Elbert Hubbard quipped, “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” Because leaders cannot afford to do nothing or say nothing, being criticized comes with the territory of being a leader. In leadership, affirmation today does not mean affirmation tomorrow. In many ways leaders face the same volatility as coaches who can, within […]