5 Reasons Why You Should Get Away with Your Spouse Every Year

This November Kaye and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We took our honeymoon to a family friend’s condo in Missouri (we were college students with very little money). The next year we went to Cancun, which was our wedding gift from my parents. After those two trips, we decided we would not stop […]

Should You Share Criticism You Receive With Your Spouse?

I was in a meeting last week with a group of senior pastors, and we were asked to force rank the pain of criticism by groups of people. Whose criticism hurts the most? There was some discussion about the force ranking, but we essentially landed on this order (the top being the most painful and […]

3 Important Places We Benefit From People Who Are Different Than Us

The cliché “birds of the same feather flock together” has been around for centuries and it captures the reality that we tend to gather with and connect to people similar to us. While we are often most comfortable with people who are like us, we benefit and we grow when we are in relationships with […]

How Kaye and I Work to Enjoy Our Marriage

Marriage should not be merely endured; it should be enjoyed. Marriage between a husband and wife is a reflection of the greater marriage between God and His people.” I am grateful God delights in us, sings over us, and rejoices in the relationship we have with Him (Zephaniah 3:17). He does not merely tolerate us. […]

Your Marriage Is Your Most Important Ministry

Last week Kaye and I celebrated 22 years of marriage. Over dinner we talked about the journey the Lord has taken us on together, what we enjoy about each other, and how our marriage has made each of us better. Though our marriage is not perfect, it is healthy and I am so grateful for […]

Research Reveals Realities of Being a Pastor’s Spouse

Halloween is not the only national day in October… October 7th is National Frappe Day (as in the drink). October 8th is National Clergy Appreciation Day. October 9th is National Moldy Cheese Day. October 10th is National Handbag Day. October 11th is National Sausage Pizza Day. To some people, clergy appreciation day sounds like it […]

20 Reasons I’m Thankful for Kaye on Our 20th Anniversary

Kaye and I were married very young, as a junior and sophomore in college. When people have asked me why I married Kaye when we were soooooo young, I have jokingly responded with one of two answers: (1) “It is better to marry than burn with passion” or (2) “She fell for me and I […]

Three Ways Your Spouse Can Make You a Better Leader

I don’t claim to be a great leader, but I am much better than I would be because of my wife, Kaye. God has used her and continually uses her to make me better. The relationships the Lord gives us are given to us, in part, for our own sanctification. God puts people around us […]

The Bride Created

As believers in Christ, we are the bride of Christ. When Jesus assured His disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them (John 14:2-3), He was using the language of a bridegroom preparing for the marriage. When the apostle Paul challenged men to love their wives, he pointed to the ultimate and […]

Dating Your Spouse

Steve and Debbie Wilson have been in ministry for over 30 years and now lead a ministry of marriage and family counseling and teaching. After being married for 12 years they realized that ministry had overtaken their lives and they’d “lost each other.” At that point they went on a mission to reconnect and in […]