8 Reasons We Have Delayed (Even Further) Getting Our Daughters Phones

Four years ago, I wrote a post about the wrestle of giving a kid a phone, of social media among teenagers, and what Kaye and I were planning our approach would be with our daughters. Kaye and I were in the midst of reading and researching and talking with other parents. Our daughters were 10 […]

3 Ways We Parents Wrongly Teach Kids to Earn God’s Approval

As parents we hate to see our kids live with the burden of trying to gain approval. Or worrying if they are going to be accepted by their looks, their dress, their performance. Or struggling with the pain of wondering if others will love and accept them. As Christian parents we know we have a […]

4 Reminders about Kids Ministry After VBS

We offered VBS at our church last week for kids and families in our church and in our community. Our team did an amazing job serving kids so well, teaching them about Jesus, and giving them an incredibly fun time. Trisha Graves, who built VBS at our church years ago, is a hero as her […]

5 Dangers of Being Deprived of an Involved Father

In their latest book, The Boy Crisis, Warren Farrell and John Gray highlight stats and research that point to the pains of boys growing up deprived of an involved father. They also offer wisdom and counsel on how to invest in your sons. Though I don’t have sons, the research reminded me of the great […]

3 Ways Churches Coddle KidZ and StudentZ

Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt coined the phrase “coddling of the American mind” in their Atlantic article and subsequent book by the same title. They lament the unintended consequences of an over-protective culture that shields people from reality, ideas, diverse thinking, and risk. They wisely conclude that coddling hampers growth and development. Reading the book […]

How Being a Father Helps You Know the Father

In the Geiger house there is a moment on Father’s Day that is one of my favorite moments each year. Kaye started the tradition ten years ago when she gave me the “Daddy book,” a book each daughter gives me and adds to each year. They add pictures, list their favorite memories from the year, […]

Pablo Escobar and How Providing for Your Kids Is Not Enough

With the Netflix drama Narcos, there is a resurgence in interest around Pablo Escobar. The Discovery Channel just released Discovering Escobar’s Millions, which tracks two guys searching for the buried money of Pablo Escobar, who reportedly buried millions of dollars. Escobar was one of the world’s richest men as he made nearly 22 billion dollars […]

To Phone or Not to Phone—and When?

In previous generations, when parents gathered for dinner and compared parenting notes, a pressing question was “When are you going to let your teenager get a driver’s license?” Comments would be made about how hauling the kid around was proving to be less and less practical, about the high cost of insurance, about safety implications, […]

6 Thoughts on Leading an iGen’er for Parents and Ministry Leaders

I took my first church staff role when I was a few weeks from turning nineteen; I became the youth pastor at a church in Ruston, Louisiana, where I attended college. Though my roles have changed, I have been committed to leading and discipling kids and students through the local church ever since. Our kids […]

It Takes More Than a (Nature) Boy to Be a Great Dad

I was not a big wrestling fan growing up as a kid in the 80s, but on occasion, I would watch with some friends. I remember a few times, in elementary school, watching pay-per-view matches with friends and pretending to be Hulk Hogan in front-yard wrestling matches. One of the most popular wrestlers was Ric […]