2 Big Reminders from 2 Weeks with Lots of Kids

This summer approximately 140,000 kids and students will attend one of our student or kids camps or mission trips. We hire 1,000 amazing summer staff who run the events, invest in kids and students, and work extremely hard to serve the kids and student ministries well. Each summer I speak at one of our camps, […]

6 Leadership Lessons from Being a Father

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my daughters updated their “Daddy books.” With the help of their mother, each daughter has a “Daddy book” that they update each year with a letter to me and a list of their favorite things to do with Dad. It is an amazing gift and something I look forward to […]

Paul (and The Godfather) on Leading at Home

The Godfather trilogy gives us a glimpse of two very different husbands and fathers from the same family. Don (Vito) Corleone was married to the same woman and had children that adored him. Michael, his son, struggled in his marriage and with his family. His wife would rather have an abortion than bring another “one of […]

5 Lessons from My Daddy-Daughter Trips

A pastor once encouraged me, as a father, to “invest in experiences, not toys.” While far from a perfect father, I am attempting to be really intentional about investing time in my girls during these early years and providing experiences they will enjoy and remember. On a regular basis these currently look like breakfast dates […]