A Framework for Ministry Leaders: Thinking Flock and Sheep

Larry Osborne has commented about ministry leaders, and I am paraphrasing, that some lean towards being a “flock leader” and some lean towards being a “sheep leader.” Meaning that some leaders, in their gifting, are more prone to think broadly about the overall ministry (the flock), while others are more prone to think about individual […]

4 Benefits of Developing Position Papers in a Ministry Context

Throughout 2022, I led our church staff and elders through an intentional process of ensuring our positions on several topics and cultural issues were documented for the sake of consistency and clarity. We already had a statement of faith that captures the core doctrines of our church, a beautiful statement that originated with John Stott, […]

Church Leaders Must Think Flock Strategy and Sheep Strategy

Over ten years ago, I worked closely with Thom Rainer and Ed Stetzer to evaluate the research behind Transformational Church—a book that came from a massive study across many churches where we sought to discover characteristics that God was using in the churches to bring about transformation in the lives of the people they served. […]

Kaye Geiger (My Wife): The Why and the How of Caring for Pastors’ Kids

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen posts/pictures of activities Kaye and I have hosted for the kids of pastors at our church. From Christmas shopping to swim parties, Kaye, alongside my assistant, has put all these events together. Some church leaders have asked about the specifics of gatherings we have done for […]

4 Qualities of a Leader Ready for Succession

Over four years ago I became the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church, succeeding Kenton Beshore who faithfully served our church with integrity and skill for 35 years as Senior Pastor. Over the last four years, Kenton and I have fielded many calls from Senior Pastors, elder boards, leadership teams, and potential successors—all asking important questions […]

Kaye Geiger (My Wife) on Building Community for Pastor’s Wives

Church leaders often ask me about what we do for our pastor’s wives—how we connect them together and what that connection looks like tangibly. My wife, Kaye, has a huge passion for pastor’s wives, and she runs point on gathering them together and caring for them. Here is Kaye on how it works. Before becoming […]

2 Reasons Succession Demands Intentionality

Five years ago, February 2018, is when I received the first inquiry about my interest in becoming the next senior pastor of Mariners Church. I became the senior pastor that September and since that moment have received a lot of questions from other leaders about succession. My predecessor, Kenton Beshore, and I are convinced that […]

5 Leadership Reminders from Launching 4 New Congregations

In early 2019 we set plans, as a leadership team, to launch one new Mariners congregation in Orange County each year for the next five years. Orange County is filled with 3.2M people spread out through 34 cities, and we believe Jesus loves each person and each city. We were in early stages of planning […]

2 Things We Must Do Because the Bible Calls us Sheep

Our dog Roscoe sometimes wanders away from home, but thankfully he is smart enough to come back home or even smarter to go to Brian and Marianna’s home – friends of ours who live on the next street. Roscoe likely prefers their home to ours because when they watch him for sometimes, they feed him […]