4 Types of Itching Ears and What Pastors are Charged to Do

Technology experts have said that humanity is doubling its data creation every 18 months, and clearly one implication is that there is an article online somewhere right now to further validate and affirm anything you already believe or desire to believe. We have seen this tangibly throughout the pandemic – as there are articles citing […]

Colliding Data Points and Why Your Church Leaders (Likely) Aren’t Idiots

Your church leaders are likely not idiots. Yes, of course, that is possible. There are foolish leaders in all types of roles, and all of us are fully capable of making unwise choices. But just because your church leaders are not making the same call you would make does not mean they are idiots. When […]

3 Thoughts on the Differences Between “Being Biblical” and “Being Political”

Here is a frustrating reality for a pastor during a politically polarizing time: when speaking about a social issue, the pastor can be affirmed for being “biblical” by people who are politically passionate about that viewpoint and then be accused of being “political” by those same people when sharing something that is contrary to their […]

5 Things I Am Preaching to Myself While Preaching to a Camera

Last week I shared six things I am greatly missing from teaching in old-school physical gatherings among people I love who are singing to God and ready to hear a message from His Word. When preaching to a camera, it can easily feel like I am preaching to God’s people without being among God’s people. […]

3 Reminders from Teaching Theology to Shepherding Elders

At Mariners Church, the church I serve as senior pastor, we have directional elders and shepherding elders. Directional elders set the overall direction of the church and shepherding elders provide care for people (directional elders also serve as shepherding elders). I am so grateful for these people and am honored to serve alongside them. I […]

4 Systems Church Leaders Should Care About

Some church leaders resist systems because systems can feel “unspiritual” or “corporate.” I have heard the critique for years. Yet church leaders who are critical of systems enjoy their systematic theology textbooks while blood flows through circulatory system and the sun is held in perfect distance from the earth in the solar system. In other […]

3 Reasons Your Church Should Care for First Responders

Last Monday was national first responder day. The church where I serve as pastor devoted time in the weekend services, the Saturday and Sunday before, to honor first responders and pray for them and their families. The moment in the worship service was a weighty one as we reflected on the sacrifice and commitment of […]

3 Warning Signs You Could Love Your Title More Than Your Task

In his famous work, City of God, Augustine penned this challenge: No one can be a good bishop if he loves his title and not his task. It is entirely possible for a ministry leader to love title more than task. Because we can make idols of anything, we can certainly make our titles the […]

One Thing We Know For Sure Is God’s Will for You…

Pastors are often asked questions about God’s will for a particular decision someone is facing. “How do I know which job is God’s will for me?” Or which relationship? Or which city to live in? Often I do not know the answer to a question about God’s will in a specific situation, but I can […]