5 Ways to Communicate Better

The following is a blog post by Philip Nation. Philip is the Director of Content Development at LifeWay. This blog post, which first appeared on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog, is particularly helpful. Communication is a key component to leadership. If you are communicating, then you are leading in some way. Here are five principles […]

A Change in the Direction of “Woe”

We tend to hate the sin in others much more than we hate the sin in our own lives. In our pride, we tend to judge the motives of others much more than we question our own. We are often much more frustrated with others than we are with ourselves, much less patient with the […]

3 Well-Meaning (but Unhelpful) Approaches During Grief

As you likely know, Kaye’s father recently passed away. During this time the love, support, prayers, meals, notes of encouragement, and messages have been overwhelming. We have great neighbors and great friends. I cannot imagine grieving without the body of Christ surrounding us, encouraging us and loving us. Watching Kaye grieve has been saddening and […]

5 Phrases Leaders Need to Say More Often

The following is by Art Rainer. Art serves as the Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a cofounder of Rainer Publishing. He has written two books, Raising Dad and Simple Life, and lives with his wife, Sarah, and two sons in Wake Forest, N.C. This article originally appeared at Art’s personal […]

3 Steps in a Language Audit

When we lived in Miami, several times my wife, Kaye, was asked in Spanish, “Como se llama?” which means, “What is your name?” Since she knows a little Spanish, she responded appropriately, “Kaye.” If you know Spanish at all, you know that “Kaye” sounds like “Que,” and that “Que” means “What?” So the person would […]

3 Thoughts on Delivering Bad News Well

Because we live in a fallen and imperfect world, a world subjected to futility, leaders will face difficult and trying seasons. Budgets won’t be met. Teams will struggle. Strategic and tactical decisions will prove not to be the best. Plans won’t be executed as well as they should. Contexts will change. Some of the difficulties […]

Defining Expectations with Your Supervisor

For a season I facilitated coaching networks for executive pastors—leaders who serve under the leadership of a senior pastor and are often responsible for the daily operations, the staff, and other large buckets of work. One of the most consistent lines of questioning I received from these leaders pertained to role clarity regarding decision-making and […]

3 Questions to Help You Manage Your Boss

Nearly 35 years ago, two Harvard professors, John Gabbaro and John Kotter, published a seminal article titled “Managing Your Boss.” In the article, they wisely articulated that strong ties with your leader are best for you, your leader, and the organization. Effective leaders don’t only lead their teams well; they also excel in leading upward. […]

The Myth of Insider Language

The biggest myth of insider language is that there is really no such thing as insider language. “Insider language” will inevitably become outside language that everyone hears—meaning, it does not stay insider language. If it did, the term never would have been coined because no one on the outside would have heard the language that […]

Leadership and Language

Wise leaders understand the importance of words. They grasp the importance of language in describing the culture of the organization and the direction she is headed. But the role of a leader in relationship to language does not end when the doctrinal statement is finalized. It does not end when the mission and values are […]